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Managing the Challenges of WTO Participation - 45 Case Studies
Compilation of 45 Case Studies Which Documents Disparate Experiences Among Economies in Addressing the Challenges of Participating in the WTO

by Peter Gallagher, Patrick Low, and Andrew L. Stoler, editors
ISBN 0521860148
Publication year: 2005

Cdn: $178.50; US: $130.00
Language: English
666 pages
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"One of the most important aspects of the functioning of such a complex system as multilateral trade is to understand how countries deal with difficult policy choices. The case studies presented in this book constitute a unique and very useful contribution to this problem."
- Renato Ruggiero, Vice Chairman, European Investment Bank and Former Director-General of the WTO

"This book is a refreshing antidote to many of the popular myths and misconceptions about the WTO. Its wealth of case studies shows how membership creates opportunities and rights, as well as obligations, and that what individual countries make of them is the key determinant of their success in harnessing the benefits of trade."
- Guy de Jonquières, Asia columnist and commentator, The Financial Times

"As far as I know, these case studies are unique in WTO-related literature and give us a real insight into how different governments formulate their policies in respect of the WTO."
- Peter Sutherland, Former WTO Director-General

"This book is the first of its kind and makes an invaluable contribution to understanding the workings of the WTO. These case studies show that what happens in Geneva is very often the result of a complex process that takes place in national capitals."
- Clayton Yeutter, Former United States Trade Representative

This compilation of 45 case studies documents disparate experiences among economies in addressing the challenges of participating in the WTO. It demonstrates that success or failure is strongly influenced by how governments and private-sector stakeholders organize themselves at home. The contributors, mainly from developing countries, give examples of participation with lessons for others. They show that when the system is accessed and employed effectively, it can serve the interests of poor and rich countries alike. However, a failure to communicate among interested parties at home often contributes to negative outcomes on the international front. Above all, these case studies demonstrate that the WTO creates a framework within which sovereign decision-making can unleash important opportunities or undermine the potential benefits flowing from a rules-based international environment that promotes open trade.

Peter Gallagher is Principal of Inquit Communications.

Patrick Low is Director of Economic Research and Statistics, WTO Secretariat, and a member of the Editorial Board of the World Trade Review.

Andrew L. Stoler is Executive Director of the Institute for International Business, Economics and Law at the University of Adelaide.
Managing the Challenges of WTO Participation - 45 Case Studies
Cdn: $178.50; US: $130.00
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