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Entrepreneurial Identity
The Process of Becoming an Entrepreneur

by Thomas N. Duening and Matthew L. Metzger, editors
ISBN 9781785363726
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $55.00; US: $39.95
Language: English
192 pages
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Entrepreneurship is an academic discipline that, despite decades of growth in research and teaching activity lacks a traditionally distinct or common pedagogy. In this book, editors Thomas N. Duening and Matthew L. Metzger explore entrepreneurial identity as a new basis upon which curricula can be constructed for aspiring entrepreneurs. Critically, this perspective is based on the insight that there is a fundamental difference between venture development and entrepreneur development. Unfortunately, most current interventions for aspiring entrepreneurs focus on the former at the expense of the latter.

The editors have collected work from an international team of authors with diverse views on how identity theory applies to entrepreneur development. Chapters focus primarily on macro-level identity issues (that is, how do these entrepreneurial archetypes form, persist, and sometimes change) or micro-level identity issues (that is, how can educators and resource providers identify, communicate, and incentivize identity construction among aspiring entrepreneurs). This book provides a general theoretical background and offers numerous suggestions for application and further research. One example of this is the 'For Further Reading' feature at the end of each chapter which is perfect for assisting those who want to delve deeper into various topics.

This essential resource will be of interest to researchers, resource providers and students alike.

'Entrepreneurial identities permeate virtually every facet of the venturing process, but the study of these identities has received surprisingly little attention among scholars. Thomas Duening and Matthew Metzger address this problem with this insightful and timely edited volume. They have compiled an impressive array of research that covers both macro- and micro-level explorations of entrepreneurial identities. Most importantly, these chapters provide numerous examples of tangible advice to interested educators about how to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and build the entrepreneurial identity within their own students. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in entrepreneurial identities.'
– Charles Murnieks, Oregon State University, US

'In their exploration of entrepreneurial identity, the authors get to the very heart of what inspires students to pursue entrepreneurial careers, and in doing so provide a roadmap for educators to give students a better sense of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Integrating identity theory into entrepreneurship education will complement the existing teaching frameworks and strengthen our abilities to provide meaningful learning experiences and empower idea generation for a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.'
– Sam Miller, University of Notre Dame, US

'Professors Duening and Metzger have put together an excellent set of perspectives on a topic not well-understood by scholars or practitioners–what it actually means to be an entrepreneur. Their central thesis–that understanding the techniques of opportunity recognition or mechanics of venture creation is meaningless if we don't also focus on the underlying identity that is associated with entrepreneurial behavior–should redefine how we approach teaching and research in entrepreneurship. Our success at developing the next generation of entrepreneurs is tied to our ability to nurture and facilitate the building of an identity. Noting the complex, multi-dimensional, and idiosyncratic nature of identify, the volume is filled with valuable theoretical and conceptual perspectives that shed new light on this critical topic.'
– Michael H. Morris, University of Florida, US

'Working with entrepreneurship majors is often equal parts rewarding and frustrating. It's rewarding in that their boundless optimism and energy are contagious, and it's frustrating in that it's challenging to channel this energy and optimism into concrete, executable business models. Duening and Metzger hit the nail on the head in explaining the process by which students form entrepreneurial identities. Moreover, they overlay that process with the dominant approaches to teaching entrepreneurship, noting there are many areas for improvement that may prove fruitful in reducing the known frustration. Entrepreneurial Identity is a must read book for any entrepreneurship educator, policy maker or practitioner working to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.'
– Eric Ligouri, Rowan University, US and United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Contributors: D. Boje, A. Donnellon, T.N. Duening, R. Gill, B. Mathias, M.L. Metzger, R. Smith, K. Williams Middleton.

Edited by Thomas N. Duening, El Pomar Chair for Business and Entrepreneurship and Matthew L. Metzger, Assistant Professor of Management, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, US.
Entrepreneurial Identity
Cdn: $55.00; US: $39.95
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