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Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities
by Kris Bezdecny and Kevin Archer, editors
ISBN 9781784712273
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
Language: English
464 pages
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The majority of the world's population now live in cities, nearly a quarter of which boast populations of one million or more. The rise of globalisation has granted cities unprecedented significance, both politically and economically, leading to benefits and problems at national and international levels. The Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities explores the changes that are occurring in cities, and the impacts that they are having, at the local, national and global scale.

Bringing together voices from around the world, this Handbook provides an interdisciplinary view of the changes that are happening in emerging cities, examining a range of topics from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. With chapters covering changes in urban economies, social dynamics, and emerging technology this Handbook radically rethinks the dynamics of cities in the 21st century, including those in the global south.

The Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities is an important addition to the literature, and is a useful resource for students of geography, economics, sociology, anthropology and urban planning. Its insights will also be of value for public administrators and urban planners, and anyone else whose work impacts on, or is impacted by, cities.

'This superb Handbook revolves around what the meaning of the term "city" might be in the 21st century. In this urban century, this is indeed the pre-eminent question and this book incisively dissects the multiplicity of processes that animate and structure this century's urbanity. A must read for all students and lovers of the city.'
– Erik Swyngedouw, The University of Manchester, UK

Contributors: R. Aijaz, K. Archer, K. Bezdecny, R. Bower, M.M. Brannon, P. Carmody, Y.-w. Chu, B. Coffyn Mitchell, E. Fekete, R. Ghadge, R. Grant, L.A. Herzog, W.G. Holt, D. Honnery, A. Jansson, O.A. K'Akumu, M. Klausen, J. Lauermann, P. Moriarty, J.T. Murphy, A.C. Oner, F. Owusu, B. Pasin, V. Peiteado Fernandez, J. Richardson, C. Saldana, B. Warf, P.D.A. Wood.

Edited by Kris Bezdecny, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences and Environment, California State University, Los Angeles and Kevin Archer, Professor and Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research, Central Washington University, US.
Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities
Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
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