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Which Way to Livable and Productive Cities?
A Road Map for Sub-Saharan Africa

by Kirsten Hommann and Somik V. Lall

Series:International Development in Focus
ISBN 9781464814051
Code: #211405

Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $48.00; US: $35.00
Language: English
56 pages
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For African cities to grow economically as they have grown in size, they must create productive environments to attract investments, increase economic efficiency, and create livable environments that prevent urban costs from rising with increased population densification. What are the central obstacles that prevent African cities and towns from becoming sustainable engines of economic growth and prosperity? Among the most critical factors that limit the growth and livability of urban areas are land markets, investments in public infrastructure and assets, and the institutions to enable both. To unleash the potential of African cities and towns for delivering services and employment in a livable and environmentally friendly environment, a sequenced approach is needed to reform institutions and policies and to target infrastructure investments. This book lays out three foundations that need fixing to guide cities and towns throughout Sub-Saharan Africa on their way to productivity and livability.
Which Way to Livable and Productive Cities?
Cdn: $48.00; US: $35.00
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