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Research Handbook of Marketing in Emerging Economies
by Marin A. Marinov, editor
ISBN 9781788976961
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $75.50; US: $55.00
Language: English
328 pages
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Recently, emerging economies have contributed significantly to world economic growth and output. This Research Handbook advances, synthesises and expands the hitherto sparse publications on marketing in emerging economies, investigating specific processes and requirements, as well as the consequences of conducting marketing in these challenging contexts.

Addressing diverse issues from a universal as well as regional and country-specific perspective, this book sheds light on general topics such as data collection procedure equivalence and marketing accountability, in addition to exploring specific context, such as Central and Eastern Europe and India. Comparing the ways in which marketing is performed in emerging and advanced economies, the chapters explore various aspects including business-to-business marketing relationships, the role of multicultural markets in marketing and retail marketing of multinational corporations.

Timely and engaging, this Research Handbook will appeal to students and scholars interested in international business and marketing in emerging economies. Business practitioners, managers and policy makers working in emerging economies will also benefit from practical guidance on improving approaches to serving customers, as well as creating conducive environments for serving customers.

'The role of emerging economies as target markets for firms has increased significantly, especially during the last ten years. Most of the books and studies published have focused on the macro-level analysis of entry barriers and/or investments in emerging economies, largely neglecting marketing strategies and other marketing-related issues. With 14 different chapters covering diverse topics ranging from the role of country image to marketing accountability, as well as both manufacturing and service sector analysis and international case studies, this book is clearly an interesting addition to the present stock of knowledge. It will provide an excellent primary text for courses focusing on entry and marketing strategies in emerging economies.'
– Jorma Larimo, University of Vaasa, Finland

Contributors: M.Y. Ali, N. Ammar, M. Arslanagiæ-Kalajdžiæ, M.-L. Baron, V. Blagoev, A. Chidlow, A. Daviy, N. Dholakia, R.R. Dholakia, N. El-Bassiouny, A.R. Faroque, P.N. Ghauri, R. Hawash, G.N. Kfuri, Z. Krupka, S.R. Kumar, M.A. Marinov, S.T. Marinova, M. Minkov, A. Osmanova, D. Ozretic-Dosen, D.A. Petrovici, V. Rebiazina, V. Skare, M. Smirnova, C.A. Solberg, S.F. Sutyrin, I.V. Vorobieva, V.R. Wood, V. Žabkar.

Edited by Marin A. Marinov, Professor of International Business, Aalborg University, Denmark.
Research Handbook of Marketing in Emerging Economies
Cdn: $75.50; US: $55.00
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