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The International Law of State Responsibility
An Introduction

by Robert Kolb

Series:Principles of international law series
ISBN 9781788976978
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $55.00; US: $40.00
Language: English
296 pages
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This highly readable book examines the law of State responsibility, presenting it as a fundamental aspect of public international law. Covering the key aspects of the topic, it combines a clear overview with use of specific case studies in order to provide a deeper understanding.

The concise chapters are organized into two parts. Part One provides a structural overview of the law, with up-to-date coverage of practice and case law reflecting the key international law reports. Part Two offers specific case studies, asking probing questions in order to explore how the international legal order deals with breaches of its norms and what rights and faculties are accorded to the aggrieved State.

With an approach that is legally analytical yet also practical, this accessible book will provide valuable insights to both scholars and practitioners of international law. Its clear structure and guidance on the latest practice and case law will also make it an ideal choice for students.

'Professor Kolb has an outstanding ability for combining his exceptional knowledge "across the board" of the various areas of international law with an ability to explain them accessibly, whilst including a great level of analytical rigor and judgment. This work, based on detailed reference to the primary and secondary literature on this complex and cross-cutting area of international law, is a first-rate addition to the literature for students, practitioners, and academics alike. It is wholeheartedly recommended for all.'
– Robert Cryer, University of Birmingham, UK

Robert Kolb, Professor of Public International Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
The International Law of State Responsibility
Cdn: $55.00; US: $40.00
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