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Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology
by Laura Hyatt and Stuart Allen, editors
ISBN 9781786437013
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $185.00; US: $135.00
Language: English
264 pages
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Technology plays a significant role in doctoral leadership studies providing a channel for teaching, learning, research, and administrative processes. Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology addresses the growing need for universities to explore, revise, and develop the content and delivery of doctoral leadership education.

A growing number of programs and the more recent inclusion of leadership courses within varied postgraduate disciplines illustrates the rising interest in doctoral leadership education. Advances in technology provide a vehicle to deliver content and information to a wide array of learners, therefore it is time to ask questions about the benefits, challenges and needed solutions to prepare for the future design and delivery of leadership education.

This book offers valuable information for faculty and administrators responsible for developing and delivering doctoral studies through technology in order to provide access, convenience, enriched learning, and to create new pathways to achieve a doctorate. Professors working in a classroom-based, or primarily in virtual environments, or in a hybrid of both could also benefit from reading this book. Doctoral students engaged in completing their dissertations and research projects will also find a wealth of information related to higher education teaching, learning, and technology.

‘Technology has expanded access, broadening the opportunity for advanced leadership education. This timely and informative book focuses on the building of communities comprised of experienced practitioners jointly engaged in doctoral-level learning. Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology brings together educational innovators who are experienced hands at creating new modes of technology-mediated educational outreach, delivery and instructional innovation. The book’s chapters thoughtfully describe diverse educational innovations grounded in both quality connections among faculty and students and evidence-based instructional design. Through its diverse approaches and examples, readers will identify key questions to ask in designing their own instructional programs and appreciate the critical conditions that need to be in place for effective program implementation.’
– Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University, US

‘Preparing quality leaders is vital … more now than ever before. As technology is transforming education, it is also transforming how we prepare and teach leaders at the graduate and postgraduate level. Hyatt and Allen carefully guide us through the various ways that technology is propelling leadership education. From innovations in collaborative online learning environments to new models of sharing and acknowledging expertise, they provide thorough and meaningful insights on how technology drives learning in innovative programs. All current and promising faculty and educational leaders will gain valuable insights from this work.’
– Paul Sparks, Pepperdine University, US

Contributors: S. Allen, E.E. Bennett, S.J. Blackmon, S. Brierton, C.J. Brown, J. Bruce, W. Cain, L. Dinauer, K. Einola, M. Gorman, D. Henriksen, L. Hyatt, E. Jean-Francois, S. Kahai, J. Martin, J. Moss Breen, R.E. Riggio, S. Robinson, D. Volkert, B.E. Winston, P. Zettinig.

Edited by Laura Hyatt, Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, University of La Verne and Stuart Allen, Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, Robert Morris University, US.
Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology
Cdn: $185.00; US: $135.00
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