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Handbook of Geotourism
by Ross Dowling and David Newsome, editors
ISBN 9781785368851
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
Language: English
520 pages
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Ross Dowling and David Newsome present an original, substantial and much-needed contribution to the field which will further our understanding of geotourism in theory and practice. This Handbook defines, characterises and explores the subject through a range of international perspectives and case studies, identifying geotourism as a rapidly emerging form of urban and regional sustainable development.

With extensive case studies from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa, this global Handbook examines and explains the relationship between geology and tourism. Thematically arranged sections cover the relationship of geology with tourism, sustainability and society, geotourism in urban areas, and interpretation and education strategies. The final two sections assess geotourism’s impact through wide-ranging case studies of UNESCO global geoparks and geotourism in a range of countries. The eminent academics and practitioners demonstrate how geotourism is a vehicle future for engaging the public and protecting geosites, as well as emphasising the importance of sustainability.

An essential resource for students and educators, this Handbook provides an international perspective for those interested in tourism, environmental geography, ecology and geology. Written with practitioners in mind, this book reveals how tourism professionals and geologists can build a common vision by working together in sharing knowledge at the nexus of geology and tourism.

Contributors: M. Allan, R.S. Aquino, A. Asrat, N. Azman, T. Brown, M. Burlando, H.S. Cahyadi, R.M. Clary, K. Crawford, E. da Silva Guimarães, C.N. de Carvalho, E. A. Del Lama, R. Dowling, A. Dumaliang, B.C. Dumaliang, P. Erfurt, S. Espiner, N.T. Farsani, W. Ferreira da Silva Filho, M. Garofano, A. Gates, C. Gomez, J.E. Gordon, M. Gray, N. Grünert, S.A. Halim, Herlina, Y. Jeon, J.F. Johnston, H. Kobryn, I. Komoo, L. Kubalíková, U. Lagally, J. Larwood, E.A. Lima, M. Machado, P. Migoń, R. Miller, D. Newsome, R. Peña, H. Purdie, A. Riganti, J.P.R. Rivera, D.A. Ruban, H. Samodra, L. Sheydder de Oliveira Lopes, R.C. Soares, K. Takenouchi, M.F. Thomas, H. Torigoe, M.J. Van Kranendonk, J. Weber, K.S. Woo, G. Worton, K. Xu.

Edited by Ross Dowling, Edith Cowan University and David Newsome, Murdoch University, Australia.
Handbook of Geotourism
Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
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