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Comparative Judicial Review
by Erin F. Delaney and Rosalind Dixon, editors

Series:Research Handbooks in Comparative Constitutional Law series
ISBN 9781788110594
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $370.00; US: $270.00
Language: English
464 pages
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Constitutional courts around the world play an increasingly central role in day-to-day democratic governance. Yet scholars have only recently begun to develop the interdisciplinary analysis needed to understand this shift in the relationship of constitutional law to politics. This edited volume brings together leading scholars of constitutional law and politics to provide a comprehensive overview of judicial review, covering theories of its creation, mechanisms of its constraint, and its comparative applications, including theories of interpretation and doctrinal developments.

This book serves as a single point of entry for legal scholars and practitioners interested in understanding the field of comparative judicial review in its broader political and social context. This book’s comparative and interdisciplinary accounts of a phenomenon of worldwide significance and its advanced introduction to the origins, functions, and contours of judicial review make it both accessible and indispensable.

Comparative Judicial Review should be considered essential reading for every graduate student, early career scholar, and constitutional law professor seeking to become more comparative in their approach.

‘A more comprehensive or state-of-the-art advanced introduction to comparative judicial review is impossible to imagine. With authoritative but concise contributions from the leading comparative constitutionalists and political scientists in the field, this extraordinarily valuable volume takes an interdisciplinary, global, and transnational approach in addressing the key questions surrounding constitutional courts, and explores them with an unusual sensitivity to social and political context. A uniquely useful one-stop shop for students and scholars alike.’
– Stephen Gardbaum, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, US

‘Our understanding of the institutions of constitutional/judicial review has deepened dramatically over the past generation. This collection of essays by some of the world’s most sophisticated analysts of constitutional review provides an overview of what we know. It pushes the research agenda forward by using interesting and provocative theoretical perspectives – from law, political science, and normative political theory – on constitutional review to offer thoughtful new claims. Simultaneously a handbook and a valuable collection of new insights, Comparative Judicial Review deserves a place on the bookshelf of every serious scholar in the field.’
– Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School, US

Contributors: K.J. Alter, S.G. Calabresi, W.-C. Chang, V.A. da Silva, E.F. Delaney, R. Dixon, L, Esptein, T. Ginsburg, J. Greene, A. Harel, R. Hirschl, S. Issacharoff, V.C. Jackson, T. Jacobi, R.A. Kagan, D. Kapiszewski, J. Knight, D. Landau, Y.-L. Lee, H. Lerner, S. Mittal, T. Roux, W. Sadurski, A. Shinar, G. Silverstein, K. Stilt, Y. Tew, M. Versteeg, S. Waheedi, B.R. Weingast, E. Zackin.

Edited by Erin F. Delaney, Professor of Law, Northwestern University, Pritzker School of Law, Chicago, US and Rosalind Dixon, Professor of Law, UNSW Sydney, Australia.
Comparative Judicial Review
Cdn: $370.00; US: $270.00
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