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Handbook of Research on NGOs
by Aynsley Kellow and Hannah Murphy-Gregory, editors
ISBN 9781785361678
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
Language: English
488 pages
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This volume provides a critical and stimulating overview of research on Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs). While it notes that the definition of NGOs is contested, and can include both business and national groups, it focuses primarily on international NGOs engaged with human rights, social and environmental concerns, and aid and development issues.

The Handbook of Research on NGOs features contributions from Peter Willetts, Tom Davies, Bob Reinalda, Jutta Joachim and other key international authors. It provides readers with a series of thought provoking essays on both the general aspects of NGOs and significant issues of particular concern.

This Handbook places NGOs in both historical and contemporary contexts, making it a valuable read for academics and research students seeking a detailed survey of the field. NGO practitioners looking to understand their operating environment in greater depth would also benefit from reading this important book.

‘This very timely volume systematically analyses the roles of, and illustrates the range of issues addressed by, the array of NGOs that have burgeoned in recent decades as increasingly competent citizens aspire to shape international policy and practice, and as demands for governance exceed the capacities of national governments.’
– Christopher Rootes, University of Kent, UK

‘This book provides just what a Handbook should: key debates concerning international NGOs and global politics; au courant insights and sources; and topnotch contributors from around the world. For those seeking orientation – or re-orientation – to the study of NGOs, one could not ask for a better guide.’
– Clifford Bob, Duquesne University, US

Contributors: E.A. Bloodgood, T. Davies, T. Doyle, A. Elbra, H. Elsenhans, P. Fountain, F. Gale, J. Greenwood, C. Hsu, J. Joachim, M. Juul Petersen, A. Kellow, K. Martens, A. Mihr, H. Murphy-Gregory, D. Redeker, B. Reinalda, K. Ronit, J. Siméant-Germanos, A.C. Vakil, H. Warnecke-Berger, P. Willetts.

Edited by Aynsley Kellow, Professor Emeritus of Government, University of Tasmania and Hannah Murphy-Gregory, Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Australia.
Handbook of Research on NGOs
Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
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