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The Andean Glacier and Water Atlas
The Impact of Glacier Retreat on Water Resources
ISBN 9789231002861
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $42.00; US: $36.50
Language: English
80 pages
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This Atlas illustrates the significant reduction in glacier mass happening throughout the Andean region. It quantifies the contribution of glaciers to drinking water supplies in cities and to agriculture, hydropower and industries. A reduction in glacier mass results in a long-term reduction in seasonal meltwater – which is the mainstay of livelihoods for millions of people.

The findings highlight the impact on water availability and security as well as the increased risks associated with changing mountain climates. People will need to adapt to these new conditions and this can best be done by combining scientific and technical information with traditional knowledge and practices to develop new ways of storing and using water.
The Andean Glacier and Water Atlas
Cdn: $42.00; US: $36.50
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