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Entrepreneurial Universities
Collaboration, Education and Policies

by João J. Ferreira, Alain Fayolle, Vanessa Ratten, and Mário Raposo, editors
ISBN 9781786432452
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $175.50; US: $135.00
Language: English
288 pages
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With an increasing focus on the knowledge and service economies, it is important to understand the role that entrepreneurial universities play through collaboration in policy and, in turn, the impact they have on policy. The authors evaluate how universities engage with communities while also balancing stakeholder considerations, and explore how universities should be managed in the future to integrate into global society effectively.

The book reflects the internationalization of entrepreneurial universities with examples from Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Malaysia, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Each chapter identifies the differing cultural influences and how changes in policy approaches mean that universities are constantly evolving. The authors also look into how culture influences entrepreneurship education and, in turn, how culture affects the initiatives of policy makers. With a focus on enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities, universities are shown to respond by creating effective initiatives that benefit the wider community through successful collaboration with institutions. The book identifies the close working relationship between new government policies and developing entrepreneurial universities.

Researchers, policy analysts and students of entrepreneurship education, education management and policy will find this book a useful supplementary read for understanding the future role of universities.

'Clearly, HEIs are discovering their innovative and entrepreneurial potential to reply to the society's distinct need for them to have a more entrepreneurial role, namely in innovation. This book succeeds in discussing the theme from an interdisciplinary perspective. For that reason, this book will be of help to practitioners in university management roles and policy makers as well as anyone researching this theme and teaching entrepreneurship in HEIs.'
– Nuno Fernandes Crespo, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

'This book offers educators, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and researchers significant and practical implications. After reading the book, we can conclude that the different experiences described by authors on the academic tools and educational methods can be generalized in many other universities around the world, in both developed and developing countries.'
– Waleed Omri, EDC Paris Business School, France

'Edited by four leading researchers, Entrepreneurial Universities provides innovative insights into how universities are contributing to the emergence of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is both redefining universities themselves and shaping society. It is an important book for all those interested in how universities are reinventing themselves in a time of profound societal transformation.'
– Tim Marjoribanks, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

'Universities are called to be more and more entrepreneurial – that is innovative, proactive and risk-taking – to promote regional development and economic growth. As a Professor working in two of the most entrepreneurial Italian universities, I benefited from reading this book. I consequently recommend it to all my colleagues to guide their strategic choices and their daily activities.'
– Salvatore Sciascia, IULM University and Cattaneo University, Italy

'The entrepreneurial university is an increasing phenomenon in a world where universities have to be increasingly adaptable and market responsive whilst maintaining their societal mission and balancing the needs of diverse stakeholders. A text that addresses the past, current and anticipated situation and helps us plan for a dynamic future is most welcome.'
– Chris Chapleo, Bournemouth University, UK

'An Entrepreneurial University is NOT an oxymoron! After reading this book, with its examples and stories of forward-thinking universities around the world, you will be a believer that there are universities taking dramatic steps into the future and exceeding expectations. This book is a must-read for university administrators and faculty who believe the future is now!'
– Dianne H.B. Welsh, University of North Carolina Greensboro, US

'Entrepreneurial universities are not only a hot topic in research but also in practice. This book gives a comprehensive view from an international perspective – timely and interesting!'
– Alexander Brem, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Contributors: S.S. Ananthan, S. Battisti, V. Braga, M. Camargo, F. Clear, G.A. Dandolini, A.D. Daniel, J.A de Souza, A. Fayolle, S. Fernández-López, J.J. Ferreira, S. Foliard, A. Gbadamosi, F. Giones, E. Giugliani, M. Guerrero, A.-R. Hofer, G. Kaffka, T. Khan, K. Kleine, S. Le Pontois, J. Lewicki, N.O. Madichie, C. Marques, S. Nwankwo, M. Pita, R. Prinkladnicki, M. Raposo, V. Ratten, L. Rey-Ares, D. Rodeiro-Pazos, M. Rodrigues, A. Schmitz, K.P. Seth, S. Tegtmeier, P. Traverso, D. Urbano, A. Vitória, U. Wiśniewska, G.A. Zapata-Huamaní.

Edited by João J. Ferreira, Associate Professor, University of Beira Interior and NECE – Research Unit, Portugal, Alain Fayolle, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Entrepreneurship Research Centre, EMLYON Business School, Ecully, France, Vanessa Ratten, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, La Trobe University, Australia and Mário Raposo, Full Professor of Marketing and Strategy, University of Beira Interior and NECE – Research Unit, Portugal.
Entrepreneurial Universities
Cdn: $175.50; US: $135.00
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