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Research Handbook on Child Migration
by Jacqueline Bhabha, Jyothi Kanics, and Daniel Senovilla Hernández, editors
ISBN 9781786433695
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $409.50; US: $315.00
Language: English
552 pages
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As the scale and complexity of global child migration grows, so too does the urgency of understanding this multifaceted phenomenon. This comprehensive, and original, Research Handbook is an essential tool for anyone seeking to engage in the topic. Collecting together a plethora of original intellectual, empirical and legal resources the Research Handbook on Child Migration probes the origins, characteristics and impacts of current child migration situations.

Bringing together both leading experts and grass-roots activists, this Research Handbook is a comprehensive and diverse collection of the best and most up-to-date research on global child migration. It covers a wide range of topics from the history of specific child migration flows, the ethnography of child migration, and child specific legal tools and challenges, to the psychological effects of migration on child migrants. Presented in an accessible style, this Research Handbook provides a wealth of evidence and reflection which will enrich and improve the readers ability to tackle this key human rights challenge.

This Research Handbook is an innovative tool which will be of use not only for students and scholars interested in migration displacement, immigration, and human rights, but also for policymakers and others actively engaged in the migrant and refugee rights advocacy community.

'Historically, migration studies has focused on men, then adults, and only rarely on children. This book testifies to the growing interest in child migrants, including those who are trafficked and those who find themselves saddled with illegal statuses due to the movements of their parents. Covering many disciplines, countries and applied fields, this Research Handbook will be essential reading for those interested in child migration and protection. The editors are to be congratulated for assembling a conceptually and policy-rich collection of original contributions.'
– Robin Cohen, University of Oxford, UK

Contributors: H. Ascher, J. Bhabha, B. Bookey, S.B. Coutin, M. De los Angeles Torres, I. Derluyn, V. Digidiki, A. Farmer, H. Fehrenbach, L. Frydman, O. Geissler, W. Giles, A. Hjern, J. Kanics, R.K.S. Kohli, J. Kumin, A. Kunth, A. Lagunju, R.-C. Liwanga, A. Lundberg, M. Ní Raghallaigh, R. O'Donnell, A. Orgocka, O. Peyroux, P. Rekacewicz, E. Rozzi, D. Senovilla Hernández, L. Singh, A. Singleton, C. Smyth, C. Suárez-Orozco, S.J. Terrio, D.B. Thronson, V.T. Thronson, E.E. Tibet, M. Timéra, M. Treiber, O. Uzureau, F. Vacchiano, L. van Waas, M. Vervliet, C. Watters.

Edited by Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Director of Research, François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University, US, Jyothi Kanics, UNHCR, Switzerland and Daniel Senovilla Hernández, Research Fellow CNRS – MIGRINTER – Université de Poitiers, France; Coordinator of the Observatory on the Migration of Minors; main editor of the journal Children and Young People on the Move.
Research Handbook on Child Migration
Cdn: $409.50; US: $315.00
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