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IRIS Special - Media Reporting
Facts, Nothing but Facts?

Series:European Audiovisual Observatory
ISBN 9789287188618
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $14.50; US: $11.00
Language: English
154 pages
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Fighting fake news in Europe? Find out who’s protecting your rights in this brand new legal report!

Separating the facts from the fiction in today’s media is becoming mission impossible. In the era of the #fakenews hashtag, the internet, and the media in general, are concerned by the emergence of fiction which is sometimes much stranger than truth! So what rules and initiatives exist in Europe to help ensure the accuracy and objectivity of news and current affairs reporting? How far can the European and the various national legislators go to protect us from dubious reporting or at least ensure that codes of good conduct exist?

You will find the answers in this IRIS Special.

IRIS Special - Media Reporting
Cdn: $14.50; US: $11.00
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