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Handbook of Research on Corporate Entrepreneurship
by Shaker A. Zahra, Donald O. Neubaum, and James C. Hayton, editors
ISBN 9781788972680
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $78.00; US: $60.00
Language: English
336 pages
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Corporate entrepreneurship is about remaking organizations; it affects organizational cultures and systems which, in turn, influence the magnitude, direction and content of corporate entrepreneurship activities. This Handbook hopes to synthesize what we know and clarify what we need to know about key issues such as strategic renewal, innovation and venturing activities within established companies, giving direction to future research.

This Handbook combines conceptual and empirical contributions covering a wide gamut of theories and perspectives that include: opportunity discovery vs. creation, the behavioral theory of the firm, learning, human capital, agency, and dynamic capabilities. The chapters uncover who the corporate entrepreneur is, how corporate entrepreneurs vary from their independent counterparts, how corporate entrepreneurship influences organizational performance, and the effect of incremental versus radical strategic renewal undertaken within corporate entrepreneurship on financial performance. They also investigate what an organization learns from corporate entrepreneurship, as well as the types of innovation that companies gain through corporate venturing capital investments.

The diversity of authors, perspectives and foci of the chapters highlight the growing depth and breadth of the worldwide research on corporate entrepreneurship and the growing maturity of this research. This book will appeal to scholars and students of entrepreneurship and/or strategic management, as well as managers of established firms.

'With this Handbook, corporate entrepreneurship has truly come of age as a significant field in entrepreneurship and management. Zahra, Neubaum and Hayton have gathered together in this volume an excellent set of contributions covering the landscape of the theoretical and empirical dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship. Scholars will find particularly stimulating the many directions for further research elaborated throughout the volume that will ensure the longevity of corporate entrepreneurship as a research program.'
– Mike Wright, Imperial College London, UK

'Zahra, Neubaum and Hayton have assembled an exciting set of works on corporate entrepreneurship (CE). The Handbook of Research on Corporate Entrepreneurship is a must-read for anyone serious about the topic. It features the world's leading CE thinkers covering an impressive breadth of subjects and perspectives. The literature review that kicks off the volume lays the groundwork for the many novel topics and approaches that follow. I expect this Handbook to become an instant classic in the field.'
– Harry J. Sapienza, University of Minnesota, US

Contributors: S. Basu, H. Burgers, J.J. Chrisman, D. Day, G. Dushnitsky, S. Georgoulas, J. Hayton, C. Heavey, S.A. Hill, M. Hughes, M. Jelinek, T. Keil, S. Kotha, M. Lewis, M. Maula, E. Memili, D.O. Neubaum, G.C. O'Connor, E.L. Scifres, M. Shaver, Z. Simsek, D. Ucbasaran, V. Van De Vrande, A. Wadhwa, S.A. Zahra.

Edited by Shaker A. Zahra, Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship, University of Minnesota, Donald O. Neubaum, DeSantis Distinguished Professor, Florida Atlantic University, US and James C. Hayton, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK.
Handbook of Research on Corporate Entrepreneurship
Cdn: $78.00; US: $60.00
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