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Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management
by Robin Nunkoo, editor

Series:Handbooks of Research Methods in Management series
ISBN 9781785366277
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $409.50; US: $315.00
Language: English
584 pages
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For the current multidisciplinary community of tourism and hospitality scholars, support for research methods has been disparate and uneven. In this Handbook, renowned experts fulfil a pressing need to outline, gather and resolve methodological issues within tourism and hospitality into one original, global and comprehensive work.

With over 40 chapters by leading researchers, this Handbook allows for the exploration of new innovative ideas and presents future challenges in the field. Sharing their trusted methods and previous successes and failures, the authors cover various quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods approaches, including sampling and knowledge transfer. Sections also explore the foundations of research and wider debates in tourism and hospitality, such as ethical issues and climate change.

Compiling the most up-to-date methods from global research, this Handbook will be a key companion for post-graduate students. Established researchers of hospitality and tourism will find this Handbook to be an excellent concise read to assist in their continuing research.

'This Handbook is a must-read for researchers, students and practitioners in tourism and hospitality management. Top researchers from the discipline provide a comprehensive picture of relevant research methods and practices. The well-written and easily accessible contents allow the reader to use the gained knowledge right away in their projects.'
– Christian Ringle, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

'This Handbook is a valuable research guide full of important information for those of us who want to learn more about research methods in tourism and hospitality management. It makes a fresh and important addition to the tourism and hospitality management literature.'
– Dogan Gursoy, Washington State University, US

Contributors: S.-A. Adams, F. Ali, L. Andrades, V. Biaett, I. Booyens, C.B. Califf, A. Canosa, C. Cobanoglu, E.T. Coberly, C. Cooper, J.J. Daigle, S. De Urioste-Stone, A. Decrop, F. Dimanche, J.P. Fefer, J. Fitchett, X. Font, S. Goolaup, A. Graham, B.J Gregorash, T. Griffin, C.M. Hall, E. Hermans, A. Hindley, G. Hoogendoorn, D. Hristov, M.T. Jensen, W.G. Kim, M.D. López-Gamero, H. Mair, R.E. Manning, J. Masset, W.J. McLaughlin, J.F. Molina-Azorin, G. Moscardo, R. Nunkoo, A. Ogle, A.M. Oliveri, E. Park, J. Pereira-Moliner, E.M. Pertusa-Ortega, S. Pike, S. Power, G. Prayag, H.R. Ramkissoon, L. Ruhanen, B. Seetanah, S.L. Slocum, C. Solér, E. Sorokina, D. Stanford, T.S. Stumpf, J.J. Tari, V. Teeroovengadum, E. Thomlinson, Y. Wang, L. White, E. Wilson, N. Wise, M.-Y. Wu, P.F. Xie, J. Xu.

Edited by Robin Nunkoo, Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Mauritius.
Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management
Cdn: $409.50; US: $315.00
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