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Mexico : Fiscal Transparency Evaluation
Series:Country Report No. 18/289
ISBN 9781484379820
Code: #1MEXEA2018001

Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $23.50; US: $18.00
Language: English
138 pages
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This report assesses Mexico’s fiscal transparency practices against the IMF’s Fiscal Transparency Code (FTC), including the draft pillar on resource revenue management. Mexico scores relatively well when compared to other Latin American countries and emerging market economies that have undergone a fiscal transparency evaluation (FTE). Out of the 48 principles across four pillars in the FTC, Mexico meets 16 principles at the basic level, 9 principles at the good level and 15 principles at the advanced level, while one principle does not apply. Fiscal transparency practices are strongest in the areas of resource revenue management and fiscal forecasting and budgeting, while the scores on fiscal risks analysis and management are lower. Mexico’s fiscal transparency practices do not currently meet basic practice for seven principles.
Mexico : Fiscal Transparency Evaluation
Cdn: $23.50; US: $18.00
International Monetary Fund (IMF) BookID: 123703 Added: 2018.10.6