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Economic Crisis and the Resilience of Regions
A European Study

by Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy, editors

Series:New Horizons in Regional Science series
ISBN 9781785363993
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $149.50; US: $115.00
Language: English
168 pages
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This insightful book provides an astute analysis of how resilient multiple regional economies across Europe were to the global economic crisis of 2008-9. Assessing the impact and geography of the crisis, this book offers a cross-comparative study of how regional economies were affected, as well as an exploration of the role of local and regional policy in influencing economic resilience.

The different experiences seen across Europe throughout the economic crisis raise a number of important questions: Why were some regions more resilient to the crisis than others? What is meant when discussing a resilient economy? How might local and regional policy-makers help support the resilience of their economies? The expert contributors take these crucial questions into account, presenting detailed case studies using quantitative and qualitative research data to analyse how the crisis affected various European regions.

Economic Crisis and the Resilience of Regions will be an essential read for academics, researchers and policymakers interested in the concept of regional economic resilience, its measurement and the factors influencing it, as well as for analysts interested in the geographical impact of the 2008-9 global economic crisis.

'This timely collection of essays examines the geographical responses and reactions to the economic crisis that disrupted much of Europe from 2007-8 onwards. The unifying thread of the case studies that make up the book is the concept of resilience, which has risen to prominence in regional studies in recent years as an analytical and interpretative framework for studying the impact of major economic shocks. The book puts that concept to work to original and valuable effect in advancing our understanding of the European economic crisis and its geographies.'
– Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK

'This book is the best text to date on the profoundly uneven regional consequences of the great recession across Europe. The detailed comparative studies provide a rich resource and carefully unpack the meanings and causes of regional economic resilience. The analysis confirms that understanding regional economic resilience is a complex but essential challenge.'
– Peter Sunley, University of Southampton, UK

'Building resilience in the face of economic crisis is key for regional development policy, but this requires new thinking and analysis. This book makes a valuable contribution to this objective by demonstrating the scale and urgency of the issue and how different European regions are responding to the challenge. A must read for researchers, policy-makers and planners.'
– John Tomaney, University College London, UK

Contributors: G. Bristow, A. Healy, C. Kakderi, L. Kirchner, F. Koch, G. Masik, I. Sagan, M. Sensier, V. Sepp, D. Speda, A. Tasopoulou, U. Varblane, U. Varblane, R. Wink.

Edited by Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy, School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, UK.
Economic Crisis and the Resilience of Regions
Cdn: $149.50; US: $115.00
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