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The History of Intellectual Property Law (Two volume set)
by Oren Bracha, editor

Series:Critical Concepts in Intellectual Property Law series
ISBN 9781785368554
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $1,163.50; US: $895.00
Language: English
1,896 pages
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This comprehensive two-volume collection includes some of the most important and influential articles published on the history of intellectual property. The seminal works compiled in these volumes encompass a broad variety of specific legal fields, periods and methodological perspectives. The collection focuses on the three main subfields of intellectual property: patent, copyright and trademark law. Volume I covers patent and copyright in Britain as well as U.S. patents. Volume II discusses U.S. copyright and trademarks along with colonial and international intellectual property law.

With an original introduction by the editor, this essential compilation will be of great interest to legal historians, economic historians and anyone interested in intellectual property and its history.

'So much is in flux in the intellectual property field these days that those in the field have come to recognize the value of delving into the history of these laws and understanding the multifarious ways they have evolved over time. This outstanding collection of essays by many leading scholars offer many lessons from the past that may provide insights about what mistakes to avoid and what values should inform intellectual property laws as we try to help them adapt in the future.'
– Pam Samuelson, University of California, Berkeley, US

Contributors include: C. Beauchamp, L. Bently, R.G. Bone, C. Fisk, H.T. Gómez-Arostegui, B.Z. Khan, M. Rose, B. Sherman, S. Wilf, M. Woodmansee.

Edited by Oren Bracha, Professor of Law, University of Texas School of Law, US.
The History of Intellectual Property Law (Two volume set)
Cdn: $1,163.50; US: $895.00
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