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Improving Performance Appraisal at Work
Evolution and Change

by Aharon Tziner and Edna Rabenu

Series:New Horizons in Management series
ISBN 9781788115209
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $169.00; US: $130.00
Language: English
264 pages
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Compiling extensive research findings with real insights from the business world, this must-read book on performance appraisal explores its evolution from the classic appraisal to its current form, and the methodology behind its progression. Looking forward, Aharon Tziner and Edna Rabenu emphasize that well-conducted appraisals combine a mixture of classic and current, and are here to stay.

The book first presents a primer to performance appraisals, covering the role of management, the appraisers, and external and political influences. The authors then present ways to improve the appraisal system through training, methodology and diversification. Consequently, they outline the key questions and opportunities facing the research and business communities, including the rapidly developing technological and democratic workforce. In particular, the authors highlight the need for the creation of a "climate of performance" and innovation in research, for the betterment of both the individual employee and society as a whole.

Improving Performance Appraisal at Work is a comprehensive guide for researchers in business and management, human resource management and organizational behavior. The authors cover an extensive array of issues relating to the role of employee performance appraisal, making this book an excellent advisory text for those in professional human resource roles.

Aharon Tziner, Full Professor of Management (OB & HRM) and Organizational Psychology and Senior Vice-Rector and Former Dean, Schools of Business Administration and Behavioral Studies, Netanya Academic College and Edna Rabenu, Senior Lecturer of Management (OB & HRM), Schools of Behavioral Studies and Business Administration, Netanya Academic College, Israel.
Improving Performance Appraisal at Work
Cdn: $169.00; US: $130.00
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