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Seven Deadly Sins in Consumption
by Henna Syrjälä and Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen, editors
ISBN 9781788117180
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $149.50; US: $115.00
Language: English
176 pages
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Offering a novel view on morality in consumption, this book creatively examines how the seven deadly sins - pride, greed, lust, gluttony, envy, wrath, and sloth – are embodied in contemporary consumer society. Each of the seven chapters summarizes previous literature of the sins across disciplinary boundaries, and explores how consumption is likely to change in the future.

The sins are presented as social, historical, cultural and political constructs, relying on the underlying assumptions of cultural consumer research. Each is elaborated on within particular consumption and marketing-related spheres, including advertising, retail environment, convenience food consumption, poverty, and ethical consumption. Consequently, the book provides a new way to understand contemporary consumer culture. Although beginning with the dark notions of sinfulness, the authors conclude with a hopeful tone for positive transformations in consumption.

This fascinating book will be of significant interest to consumer researchers and post-graduate students studying the effects of consumption in social science disciplines, including marketing, business and sociology.

'This anthology is a theoretically innovative study of the seven deadly sins in contemporary consumer culture. It is a much wanted in-depth understanding of the sins' emergence, meanings and consequences in consumer culture that allow us to realize their complexity and the importance of considering both micro, mezzo and macro/supra levels as well as reciprocal interactions in-between. The book offers an important reflection of the ambiguous interpretations of the seven deadly sins in today's consumer culture and is both an intriguing and challenging endeavour.'
– Karin M. Ekström, University of Borås, Sweden

'Seven Deadly Sins in Consumption is an intellectually inspiring and fun scholarly account of the fundamental desires and emotions that drive us in contemporary consumer culture – an excellent example of the scholarship and exceptional creativity of the community that is now known as the Vaasa School of Consumer Research.'
– Johanna Moisander, Aalto University School of Business, Finland

'Versions of the seven deadly sins have haunted consumption for thousands of years. Losing some of their former religious sting, they have become sins against the environment, equality, and humility in an age of self-promotion. Drawing on multiple theoretical and methodological perspectives, this engaging volume brings fresh force to each vice.'
– Russell Belk, York University, Canada

Contributors: L. Alhonnoro, P. Berg, P. Borisov, J. Gummerus, K. Hellén, A. Huuhka, M.-M. Jaskari, H. Kauppinen-Räisänen, P. Laaksonen, H. Leipämaa-Leskinen, H.T. Luomala, A. Norrgrann, C. Rodríguez Santos, J. Sihvonen, H. Syrjälä, M. Sääksjärvi, L.L.M. Turunen, C. von Koskull.

Edited by Henna Syrjälä and Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen, School of Marketing and Communication, University of Vaasa, Finland.
Seven Deadly Sins in Consumption
Cdn: $149.50; US: $115.00
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