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Teaching the History of Economic Thought
Integrating Historical Perspectives into Modern Economics

by Daniela Tavasci and Luigi Ventimiglia, editors

Series:Elgar Guides to Teaching
ISBN 9781788113472
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $143.00; US: $110.00
Language: English
160 pages
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Stemming from the idea that economics is a social science that tends to forget its own history, this refreshing book reflects on the role of teaching with historical perspectives. It offers novel ways of integrating the history of economics into the curriculum, both in history of economic thought modules and in other sub-disciplines. Coming from a wide diversity of experiences, the contributors explore the idea that studying the history of thought exposes students to pluralism, and that it is therefore an essential pedagogical tool.

They also argue that this method of teaching will reveal the historical contextualisation of current theories and show how they are the results of a specific evolution within the discipline. Ultimately, this book demonstrates how some modules have successfully operationalized both the history of economic thought and the teaching of various sub-disciplines from a historical perspective.

Teaching the History of Economic Thought will be invaluable and enlightening for teaching and learning institutes across the academic world, as well as for economists, heterodox economists in particular, and social scientists.

'This book argues that economics education reform is to be achieved through the history of economic thought. Not just by introducing students to the history of economic thought at the very beginning of their studies, but mainly by situating the material taught in every module in a historical perspective. Tavasci and Ventimiglia make a compelling case, and the individual chapters contain a wealth of detail as to how that can be achieved under a variety of conditions.'
– Andrew Denis, City, University of London, UK

'Mainstream economics is so reduced and skewed from reality that its teaching has always been and is becoming worse in substance and methods, creating legions of opportunities to take up alternative pedagogies. This book takes a step or three in this, judicially deploying the history of economic thought both to expose the narrowness of the mainstream and the richnesses it overlooks in the discipline's own history – to the mutual benefit of the critical faculties of students and teachers alike.'
– Ben Fine, SOAS University of London, UK

Contributors: R. Bellofiore, G. Friedman, S. Fuller, J. Halevi, C. Repapis, L.-P. Rochon, S. Rossi, D. Tavasci, L. Ventimiglia.

Edited by Daniela Tavasci and Luigi Ventimiglia, School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London, UK.
Teaching the History of Economic Thought
Cdn: $143.00; US: $110.00
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