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Handbook of Behavioral and Cognitive Geography
by Daniel R. Montello, editor
ISBN 9781784717537
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $351.00; US: $270.00
Language: English
432 pages
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This comprehensive Handbook summarizes existing work and presents new concepts and empirical results from leading scholars in the multidisciplinary field of behavioral and cognitive geography, the study of the human mind, and activity in and concerning space, place, and environment. It provides the broadest and most inclusive coverage of the field so far, including work relevant to human geography, cartography, and geographic information science.

Behavioral and cognitive geography originated as a contrast to aggregate approaches to human geography that treat people as homogenous and interchangeable; to models of human activity based on simplistic and psychologically implausible assumptions; and to conceptualizations of humans as passive responders to their environment. This Handbook is highly multi- and interdisciplinary, featuring scholars from geography, geographic information science, and more than ten other academic disciplines; including: psychology, linguistics, computer science, engineering, architecture and planning, anthropology, and neuroscience. The contributors adhere to scientific rigor in their approach, while fully engaging with issues of emotion, subjectivity, consciousness, and human variability.

Thoroughly informed by the history of geography and of the cognitive sciences but also providing guideposts for future research and application, this Handbook will be an essential resource for researchers, lecturers and students in geography, psychology, and other social, behavioral, cognitive, and design sciences.

'This book is an extremely timely and welcome synthesis of the state of knowledge in behavioral and cognitive geography. It comes at a time of rapidly growing interest, stimulated at least in part by the growth of wayfinding apps and other location-based services, and the challenge of designing useful and effective human interfaces to what is in reality highly complex technology.'
– Michael F. Goodchild, University of California, Santa Barbara​, US

Contributors: P. Agarwal, A.P. Boone, T.T. Brunyé, H. Burte, R.C. Dalton, C. Davies, R.M. Downs, S.I. Fabrikant, A.L. Gardony, N.A. Giudice, P. Gober, K.G. Goulias, S. Hadavi, M. J. Krukar, C.A. Lawton, H.J. Miller, D.R. Montello, J. Portugali, M. Raubal, V.R. Hegarty, S.C. Hirtle, C. Hölscher, T. Ishikawa, P. Jankowski, Schinazi, W.C. Sullivan, H.A. Taylor, T. Tenbrink, T. Thrash, P.M. Torrens, D.H. Uttal.

Edited by Daniel R. Montello, Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, US.
Handbook of Behavioral and Cognitive Geography
Cdn: $351.00; US: $270.00
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