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A New Model of Socialism
Democratising Economic Production

by Bruno Jossa
ISBN 9781788117821
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $182.00; US: $140.00
Language: English
256 pages
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Economic democracy is essential for creating a truly democratic political sphere. This engaging book uses Marxist theory to hypothesise that capitalism is not a democratic system, and that a modern socialist system of producer cooperatives and democratically managed enterprises is urgently needed.

A New Model of Socialism focuses on the current crisis of the political Left, a result of the collapse of the Soviet model of society and the decline of statism and kingship. Bruno Jossa expands on existing theories to explore Marx's notions on economic democracy in a modern setting. He advocates a move away from the centralised planning form of economic socialism towards a self-management system for firms that does not prioritise the interests of one class over another, in order to achieve greater economic democracy. It is argued that the establishment of such a system of democratic firms is the precondition for reducing intervention in the economy, thus enabling the State to perform its ultimate function of serving the public interest.

This timely book is ideal for advanced scholars of Marxist, radical and heterodox economic theory, as well as academics with an interest in the rise of socialism in our modern world. Indeed, it will also be of value to all those seeking a viable and practical alternative to existing capitalist and socialist thinking.

'Deeply suggestive and intellectually challenging, Jossa's book proposes the market socialism model as a viable solution to the shortcomings of present day global capitalism. From the premise that socialism can be established by peaceful means and with non centralized planning, the author shows how by democratizing the economic sphere by means of a system of labour-managed enterprises, it is possible to enhance a vibrant political democracy. Jossa's arguments are powerful and should interest anybody seriously involved in the wealth and health of nations.'
– Stefano Zamagni, University of Bologna and Johns Hopkins University, Italy

'A well researched and well argued book that presents a refined analysis of some difficult issues on socialism and industrial democracy. By taking advantage of the research developed by various important economists on the labour-managed firms, and revising Marxism in the light of this literature, Bruno Jossa offers us a reasonable and appealing proposal about how to construct a post-capitalist society capable of rescuing contemporary societies from the stranglehold of globalized capitalism.'
– Ernesto Screpanti, University of Siena, Italy

Bruno Jossa, Professor of Political Economy, University 'Federico II' of Naples, Italy.
A New Model of Socialism
Cdn: $182.00; US: $140.00
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