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Autonomy and Self-determination
Between Legal Assertions and Utopian Aspirations

by Peter Hilpold, editor
ISBN 9781788111706
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $208.00; US: $160.00
Language: English
368 pages
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Europe has reached a crisis point, with the call for self-determination and more autonomy stronger than it ever has been. In this book, renowned international lawyers give a detailed account of the present state of international law regarding self-determination and autonomy.

Autonomy and Self-determination offers readers both an overview of the status quo of legal discussions on the topic and an identification of the most important elements of discussion that could direct future legal developments in this field. This is done through the examination of key issues in abstract and in relation to specific cases such as Catalonia, Italy and Scotland. The book extends past a simple assessment of issues of autonomy and self-determination according to a traditional legal viewpoint, and rather argues that utopian international law ideas are the breeding ground for norms and legal institutions of the future.

This insightful book will be an invaluable read for international lawyers and political science scholars. It provides a clear, yet detailed, analysis of the issues Europe is facing regarding autonomy and self-determination in the face of historical context, also making it a useful tool for European history scholars.

'Issues concerning autonomy and self-determination continue to take centre stage in international law and politics. This outstanding collection of chapters brings together leading voices on the subject, to offer expert insights and perspectives on this controversial issue at a time of uncertainty. The work will be of immediate interest to scholars and practitioners of international law, international relations and politics. Students are likely to find the text accessible and well researched, drawing on a multitude of sources.'
– Joshua Castellino, Middlesex University, UK

Contributors: X. Arzoz, A. Beauséjour, U. Haider-Quercia, P. Hilpold, H. Hofmeister, E. López-Jacoiste, R. Müllerson, S. Oeter, B. Olmos Giupponi, B.R. Roth, M. Suksi, A. Tancredi, D. Turp.

Edited by Peter Hilpold, Faculty of Law, University of Innsbruck, Austria.
Autonomy and Self-determination
Cdn: $208.00; US: $160.00
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