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The Neuroscience of Organizational Behavior
by Constant D. Beugré
ISBN 9781783475537
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $162.50; US: $125.00
Language: English
256 pages
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The Neuroscience of Organizational Behavior establishes the scientific foundations of organizational neuroscience, a nascent discipline that explores the neural correlates of human behavior in organizations. This timely and insightful book draws from several disciplines including the organizational sciences, neuroeconomics, cognitive psychology, social cognitive neuroscience and neuroscience to review the neuroscientific methods and techniques that organizational scholars can use to study the neural basis of organizational behavior.

The topics discussed include the neural foundations of decision-making, leadership, fairness, trust and cooperation, emotions, ethics and morality, unconscious bias and diversity in the workplace. Organizational neuroscience can provide valuable insights for organizational scholars to develop new theories, refine existing theories, ask new questions or reformulate old questions.

This book will not only serve as a resource for scholars and graduate students studying organizational behavior, it could also provide guidelines to managers in helping them to better understand and manage employees and organizations.

'In The Neuroscience of Organizational Behavior, Dr Constant Beugré captures an emerging scientific paradigm with thoroughness, precision, and insight. More than an excellent review of the available literature, Dr Beugré provides a detailed roadmap for future inquiry, illustrating past and potential neuroscientific contributions to such critical areas as decision-making, innovation, motivation, ethics, and more. In this important book, Dr Beugré has captured the future of our field.'
– Russell Salvador Cropanzano, University of Colorado, Boulder, US

Constant D. Beugré, Professor of Management, Delaware State University, US.
The Neuroscience of Organizational Behavior
Cdn: $162.50; US: $125.00
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