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Trend Inflation and Inflation Compensation
by Juan Angel Garcia and Aubrey Poon

Series:Working Paper No. 18/154
ISBN 9781484362402
Code: #WPIEA2018154

Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $27.00; US: $23.50
Language: English
45 pages
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This paper incorporates market-based inflation expectations to the growing literature on trend inflation estimation, and finds that there has been a significant decline in euro area trend inflation since 2013. This finding is robust to using different measures of long-term inflation expectations in the estimation, both market-based and surveys. That evidence: (i) supports the expansion of ECB’s UMP measures since 2015; (ii) provides a metric to monitor long-term inflation expectations following their introduction, and the likelihood of a sustained return of inflation towards levels below, but close to, 2% over the medium term.
Trend Inflation and Inflation Compensation
Cdn: $27.00; US: $23.50
International Monetary Fund (IMF) BookID: 123080 Added: 2018.7.6