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Agency and Partnership Law (Three volume set)
by Mark J. Loewenstein and Robert W. Hillman, editors

Series:The International Library of Commercial Law series
ISBN 9781786435118
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $1,638.00; US: $1,260.00
Language: English
2,608 pages
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This magisterial three-volume set presents the leading academic articles on agency law and partnership law, both classic and contemporary, serving as a valuable research tool for scholars and practitioners. The collection begins by focusing on topics such as the fundamental concepts of agency law, the fiduciary duties of agents, indemnification, vicarious liability and notice. It moves on to discussion of several important issues relating to partnership law, such as statutory development and reform, the entity-aggregate debate and single-person partnership. Together with an original introduction by the editors, this collection provides a comprehensive overview of the most significant matters in the fields of agency and partnership law.

‘Mark Loewenstein and Robert Hillman, who are themselves highly knowledgeable and widely respected scholars of agency and partnership law, have done a great service by assembling a collection of leading articles by giants of the field. Many of these articles were game changers, shifting the law in important ways. All of them reward close reading by anyone seeking to build their knowledge of this important area of the law.’
– Stephen M. Bainbridge, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, US

‘Never before have the foundational works of modern business organization law been assembled in a single work. Professors Loewenstein and Hillman have brilliantly selected and insightfully organized a comprehensive collection of essays that cover not just fields of agency and partnership law, but also touchstones for understanding modern organization law. Thus, the three-volume work is understated in its title, but this soon disappears once you enter its contents.’
– James D. Cox, Duke University, School of Law, US

Contributors include: R. Barnett, A. Bromberg, D. DeMott, R. Gilson, R. Hillman, L. Kornhauser, D.C. Langevoort, L. Ribstein, G.T. Schwartz, D. Weidner.

Edited by Mark J. Loewenstein, Monfort Professor of Law, University of Colorado, Boulder, Law School and Robert W. Hillman, Distinguished FBP Professor of Law, University of California, Davis, US.
Agency and Partnership Law (Three volume set)
Cdn: $1,638.00; US: $1,260.00
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