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Handbook of Transnational Environmental Crime
by Lorraine Elliott and William H. Schaedla, editors
ISBN 9781788118545
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $84.50; US: $65.00
Language: English
552 pages
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Crimes associated with the illegal trade in wildlife, timber and fish stocks, and pollutants and waste have become increasingly transnational, organized and serious. They warrant attention because of their environmental consequences, their human toll, their impact on the rule of law and good governance, and their links with violence, corruption and a range of cross-over crimes. This ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary Handbook examines key transnational environmental crime sectors and explores its most significant conceptual, operational and enforcement challenges.

Bringing together leading scholars and practitioners, this book presents in-depth analysis based on extensive academic research and operational and enforcement expertise. The sectors covered include illegal wildlife, timber, pollutant and waste trades, and crimes in the carbon market. The contextual chapters examine criminal networks and illicit chains of custody, local sociocultural, economic and political factors, the effectiveness of policy and operational responses, and international jurisdictional challenges.

This Handbook will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of global environmental politics, international environmental law, and environmental criminology as well as for regulatory and enforcement practitioners working to meet the challenges of transnational environmental crime.

‘This Handbook makes a creative and considered contribution towards this important topic. It provides a well-balanced mix of chapters from scholars and practitioners on issues that we must better understand if we are to successfully tackle these serious transnational environmental crimes. I warmly congratulate the editors and authors for focusing on these critical and contemporary questions, including the criminal networks involved, the pervasive impact of corruption, criminal justice responses and exemplary collaborative initiatives, such as ICCWC. This timely publication will help to further shape our responses and assist us to better combat these highly destructive crimes.’
– John E. Scanlon, CITES Secretary-General

‘This timely and very comprehensive book sheds light on the shadowy areas of environmental policy that we have neglected for too long: transnational environmental crime, ranging from illegal trade in timber and wildlife to criminal use of ozone-depleting substances, illegal fishing and novel “carbon crimes” around emissions trading. The Handbook of Transnational Environmental Crime, superbly edited by Elliott and Schaedla, combines insightful conceptual chapters with in-depth empirical research and practitioner contributions. The book is essential reading not only for scholars of environmental governance but also for criminologists, conservationists, regulators and other practitioners.’
– Frank Biermann, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

‘This extensive work beautifully covers all major transnational environmental crimes, and efforts to combat these crimes, from a broad perspective. It stands out for incorporating chapters written by leading green criminologists but also by policymakers and members of the enforcement community. It is truly a Handbook of great value to the increasing number of academics, practitioners and students who are interested in environmental crimes and green criminology.’
– Toine Spapens, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Contributors: J. Ayling, L. Bisschop, G. Broussard, A. Cardesa-Salzmann, M. Cassidy, D.W.S. Challender, E. Clark, M.Á. Clemente Muñoz, E. de Coning, R. Duffy, L. Elliott, C. Gibbs, D. Humphreys, Y. Jia, N. Liu, D.C. MacMillan, C. Middleton, R. Ogden, G. Pink, G. Rose, V. Sacré, S. Saydan, W.H. Schaedla, S. Sinha, V. Somboon, T. Terekhova, E. van Asch, T. Wyatt.

Edited by Lorraine Elliott, Professor of International Relations, The Australian National University and William H. Schaedla, Managing Director, Ecolloquium.
Handbook of Transnational Environmental Crime
Cdn: $84.50; US: $65.00
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