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T-KIT 13
Sustainability and Youth Work

by Ellie Keen, Justina Pinkeviciute, Alan Hayes, Agi Berecz, Burcu Meltem Arýk Akyüz - Ellie Keen, editor
ISBN 9789287185785
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $55.00; US: $42.00
Language: English
124 pages
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Natural resources are not limitless ... Let's educate young people about sustainable development!

Human beings are responsible for a number of crises which threaten the future of life on earth. However, there is now a growing realisation that our practices are not only harmful for the other living creatures on the planet, they are also potentially fatal for humans. There is a need to recognise the harm in these practices and to play an active part in trying to move towards more sustainable ones.

Sustainability is not only about addressing environmental threats, it is also about ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy human rights in a way which does not jeopardise the rights of human beings in the future. These should include social and economic, civil and political, cultural and environmental rights.

Today, it is vital that young people have opportunities to engage in reflection and action in relation to sustainability. Future generations will increasingly see the consequences of climate change – and other problems. Young people need to understand this and take the lead both in adopting more sustainable lifestyles and in creating solutions.

This T-Kit is a practical tool to begin that process. It is designed primarily for youth workers and educators to introduce the topic of sustainability to young people in a non-formal setting. The manual includes information about the issues related to sustainability, educational activities that will familiarise learners with some of the problems facing the globe and encourage them to discuss solutions. This T-Kit offers information about how youth groups can make a difference in their locality, and perhaps beyond.
T-KIT 13
Cdn: $55.00; US: $42.00
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