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The Economics of Open Access
On the Future of Academic Publishing

by Thomas Eger and Marc Scheufen

Series:New Horizons in Law and Economics series
ISBN 9781785365751
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $136.50; US: $105.00
Language: English
176 pages
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The increasing shift towards digital publishing has provoked much debate concerning the issues surrounding ‘Open Access’ (OA), including its economic implications. This timely book considers how the future of academic publishing might look in a purely digital environment and utilizes unique empirical data in order to analyze the experiences of researchers with, as well as attitudes towards, OA publishing.

Presenting findings from a novel, in-depth survey with more than 10,000 respondents from 25 countries, this book shows that the culture of scientific research differs considerably between disciplines and countries. These differences significantly determine the role of both ‘gold’ and ‘green’ forms of OA and foster both opportunity and risk. Discussing their findings in the light of recent policy attempts to foster OA, Thomas Eger and Marc Scheufen reveal considerable shortcomings and lack of knowledge on fundamental features of the academic publishing market and conclude by highlighting a policy agenda for its future development.

Well-timed and far-reaching, this book will particularly appeal to students and scholars interested in the economic analysis of copyright law. Academic librarians and research sponsors will also benefit from the insights offered.

‘This is the most comprehensive study on open access academic publishing. It covers the economic and legal aspects of this market of ideas, including the actual importance, shortcomings and potential developments of open access and is therefore a must for everyone interested in the organization of academic publishing. The authors provide a new and concise look on open access publishing, its economic consequences and legal requirements based on thorough empirical research in many countries.’
– Hans-Bernd Schäfer, Bucerius Law School, Germany

Thomas Eger, Professor Emeritus of Law and Economics, University of Hamburg and Marc Scheufen, Senior Research Fellow, Law Faculty, Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany.
The Economics of Open Access
Cdn: $136.50; US: $105.00
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