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National Human Development Report 2018 - Timor-Leste
Planning the Opportunities for a Youthful Population
ISBN 9789211264364
Code: #E18IIIB2

Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $45.50; US: $35.00
Language: English
156 pages
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World leaders are increasingly acknowledging that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone cannot provide a full picture of a country’s progress. Enhancing human development and wellbeing requires people accessing the opportunities and means to live healthy, happy and satisfactory lives. The highly innovative 4th National Human Development Report for Timor-Leste puts the well-being of young people, three quarters of the country’s population, at the center of the development agenda. By measuring the subjective well-being of youth aged 15 to 34 across eight aspects of life based on a nation-wide survey, this report provides an excellent opportunity for decision makers to implement targeted policies and strategic investments based on an in-depth understanding of youth’s aspirations, attitudes and behaviors.
National Human Development Report 2018 - Timor-Leste
Cdn: $45.50; US: $35.00
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