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Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Social Capital
by Yaojun Li, editor

Series:Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications series
ISBN 9781786438423
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $84.50; US: $65.00
Language: English
424 pages
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Social capital is fundamentally concerned with resources in social relations. This Handbook brings together leading scholars from around the world to address important questions on the determinants, manifestations and consequences of social capital. Various mechanisms of formal and informal social involvement, its relationship with other forms of social exclusion and its role in civic, instrumental and expressive domains of our socio-economic and community lives are explored.

This unique Handbook:
  • combines cutting-edge theory with appropriate data and methods
  • explores the mechanisms of formal and informal social involvement including the role of parental class and cultural influence, and the consequences for our personal and community lives
  • links social capital with other domains of social inequality such as cultural practice and philanthropic behaviour in an in-depth examination of the social stratification processes
  • conducts a thorough analysis of formal and informal social involvement, and bonding and bridging social ties on trust, tolerance, community cohesion, educational attainment, labour market position, quality of life and ethnic entrepreneurism
  • analyses social capital as both an outcome and as a mediating variable at the micro, meso and macro levels.
Accessible yet rigorous, this Handbook presents a challenge to both social capital researchers interested in explaining social inequality and to policy-makers with responsibility for designing effective measures for combating social exclusion. It will also be essential reading for students in sociology, political science, developmental economics and management studies.

‘This Handbook, edited by Yaojun Li, one of the leading scholars on social capital, is a timely and comprehensive collection of chapters on social capital by some of the most important contributors from North America, Europe and Asia. The introduction, in which Professor Li provides an extensive and in-depth review and evaluation of the theory, measurement and research on social capital, is by itself one of the most significant, state-of-the-art contributions on social capital available today. It is a must-read volume for scholars and students interested in social capital from a comparative perspective.’
– Nan Lin, Duke University, US

‘This is a wonderful and inspiring book. It integrates the latest research results on social capital and includes contributions by influential western and eastern scholars. It will provide a unique reference for researchers and students in this field.’
– Haifeng Du, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Contributors: N. Allum, R. Andersen, L. Bécares, Y. Bian, F. Buscha, C. Cheng, R.R. Côté, D. Cutts, N. Demireva, F. Devine, J.K. Dhillon, L. Donato, B.H. Erickson, J. Fiel, J. Field, E. Fieldhouse, A. Gamoran, A. García-Macías, D. Griffiths, A. Heath, X. Huang, P.S. Lambert, J. Laurence, Y. Li, M. Lubbers, J.L. Molina, J. Nazroo, J. Pampalona, R. Patulny, J. Rodríguez Menés, M. Savage, M. Shoji, P. Sturgis, E.M. Uslaner, H. Valenzuela-García, P.-P. Verhaeghe, W. Wang, A. Warde, M. Western, L. Zhang, L. Zhang, W. Zhang.

Edited by Yaojun Li, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, UK.
Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Social Capital
Cdn: $84.50; US: $65.00
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