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Handbook on Transport and Development
by Robin Hickman, Moshe Givoni, David Bonilla and David Banister, editors
ISBN 9781786438447
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $91.00; US: $70.00
Language: English
736 pages
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In the last forty years or so the research field exploring the relationship and interaction between transport and development has developed rapidly. While sophistication in analysis has increased, understanding the effective integration of transport and development often remains poor in theory and in practice – with sometimes devastating effects. This Handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of both the current and emerging thinking in this field, drawing on multidisciplinary thinking in transport planning, transport, urban and spatial economics, and the wider social sciences.

With 45 chapters from leading international authors, the book is organised around three main themes:
  • urban structure and travel;
  • transport and spatial impacts;
  • wider dimensions in transport and development.
The chapters each present commentary on key issues within these themes, presenting the debate on the impacts of urban structure on travel, the impacts of transport investment on development, and social and cultural change on travel. A multitude of competing inter-disciplinary perspectives are considered – leaving the reader with an invaluably comprehensive and critical understanding of the field.

This major Handbook will serve as a guide for undergraduates and graduate students, researchers, consultants, and also practitioners and policy makers, wishing to find a comprehensive and original reference to research on transport and development.

‘This timely compendium offers some of the best, up-to-date knowledge on how transport and development, richly defined, jointly shape each other. Written by some of the most authoritative voices in the field and encyclopedic in its coverage, the Handbook on Transport and Development brings together fresh, grounded insights from across the globe, at multiple geographic scales, and for everything from bikeways to fast inter-city trains. It is a wonderful reference and must-have library addition to anyone who cares about charting sustainable urban, regional, and mobility futures.’
– Robert Cervero, University of California, Berkeley, US

‘For more than a century cities have been urged to integrate the two fields of urban planning and transport planning. But too often these professional fields have evolved in their own institutional silos. Now they are beginning to grow together again in a new joint practice. This book will be a foundational text for the real practice of transport and urban development planning. It contains contributions from all the principal scholars in the field, and examines all the main issues and fields of inquiry. It does fine justice to the legacy of Professors Sir Peter Hall and Piet Rietveld. To practitioners and researchers I say, “Have this book to hand on your shelf”.’
– Nicholas Low, University of Melbourne, Australia

‘The role of transport in the development of cities and regions is a topic of immense importance. The editors have brought together authors from all over the world with experience of the methods needed to assess the impact of transport and analysis of the evidence of a varied range of projects. The result is a genuine Handbook of the state of the art, but with clear insights into future problems. It is highly recommended reading for researchers, policy makers and politicians.’
– Roger Vickerman, University of Kent, UK

Contributors: J.A. Annema, F. Avelino, D. Banister, D. Bonilla, F. Bruinsma, C.C. Cantarelli, X. (Jason) Cao, C.-L. Chen, G. Cohen-Blankshtain, C. Curtis, G. Dane, J. Dodson, A. Donald, R. Dowling, M. Echenique, A. El-Geneidy, R. Ewing, E. Feitelson, B. Flyvbjerg, N. Garrick, H. Geerlings, K. Geurs, M. Givoni, A.R. Goetz, P. Gordon, A. Grigolon, D. Halden, P. Hall, I. Hamiduddin, S. Handy, P. Headicar, D.A. Hensher, D. Hidalgo, R. Hickman, R. Hjorthol, M. Hillman, E. Holden, T. Holvad, H. Holzapfel, M. Iacono, O.B. Jensen, P. Jones, J. Kenworthy, S. Kenyon, C.A. Klöckner, K.J. Krizek, B. Lee, S. Leleur, D. Levinson, T. Li, Z. Li, K. Linnerud, S. Marshall, W. Marshall, E. Matthies, L. Meija Dorantes, R. Meyfahrt, P. Mokhtarian, J.C. Muñoz, P. Naess, P. Newman, S. Nordbakke, S. Petheram, S. Rasouli, P. Rietveld, O. Rotem-Mindali, T. Schwanen, N. Sipe, D. Stead, P. Stoker, G. Stokes, H. Timmermans, B. Van Wee, R. Wilson, D. Yang.

Edited by Robin Hickman, University College London, UK, Moshe Givoni, Director, Transport Research Unit, Department of Geography and the Human Environment, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, David Bonilla, University of Oxford, UK and David Banister, University of Oxford, UK.
Handbook on Transport and Development
Cdn: $91.00; US: $70.00
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