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Housing Wealth and Welfare
by Caroline Dewilde and Richard Ronald, editors

Series:New Horizons in Social Policy series
ISBN 9781785360954
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $188.50; US: $145.00
Language: English
288 pages
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Both growth and unevenness in the distribution of housing wealth have become characteristic of advanced societies in recent decades. Housing Wealth and Welfare examines, in various contexts, how housing property ownership has become central both to household wellbeing and to the reshaping of social, economic and political relations.

Expert contributors analyse the critical interactions between housing and wealth that lie at the heart of contemporary forms of capitalism, especially its global, neoliberal incarnation. Comparing and contrasting case studies from across the European continent, this book illustrates how these interactions are reshaping the function of housing as a welfare object, including how the commodification and financialisation of housing in the twenty-first-century has transformed its role and amplified distributional outcomes.

Practical and engaging, Housing Wealth and Welfare will be of interest to researchers and students of housing studies, social policy, sociology, social geography and political science. It will also appeal to policy makers and practitioners with both local and international perspectives.

‘Housing Wealth and Welfare makes a timely and important contribution to our understanding of home ownership’s role in shaping contemporary welfare states.’
– Gavin Wood, RMIT University, Australia

‘Home ownership has always been connected to both welfare and wealth, but the ties have been strengthened in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Now, the editors and authors of Housing Wealth and Welfare discuss the current state of affairs. They sketch different scenarios for different countries and cohorts but never lose touch of the general trends. Required reading for anyone interested in the various faces of home ownership.’
– Manuel B. Aalbers, KU Leuven, Belgium

Contributors: B. Bengtsson, S. Buchholz, C. Dewilde, J. Doling, T.P. Gerber, K. Kolb, S. Köppe, C. Lennartz, S. Mandic, M. Mrzel, M. Norris, R. Ronald, H. Ruonavaara, B.A. Searle, A.M. Soaita, J. Sørvoll, A. Wallace, J.R. Zavisca.

Edited by Caroline Dewilde, Department of Sociology, Tilburg University and Richard Ronald, Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Housing Wealth and Welfare
Cdn: $188.50; US: $145.00
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