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Research Handbook on Work and Well-Being
by Ronald J. Burke and Kathryn M. Page, editors
ISBN 9781785363252
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $351.00; US: $270.00
Language: English
544 pages
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Almost every person works at some point in their lives. The Research Handbook on Work and Well-Being examines the association of particular work experiences with employee and organizational health and performance.

Ronald J. Burke and Kathryn M. Page bring together an impressive collection of contributions where well-being is considered an umbrella term for happiness, satisfaction, flow, engagement, commitment and organizational identification, among other concepts. Chapters describe successful organizational efforts to achieve high levels of employee well-being and creating psychologically healthy workplaces. They cover topics such as transformational leadership, organizational support, training and development and supportive work–family policies and programs. Acknowledging that work experiences and conditions can also contribute to dissatisfaction, insecurity, illness, injuries and even death, they also examine negative work experiences and conditions such as abusive supervision, occupational stress, little control and insecurity.

Practical and engaging, this Handbook will appeal to academics and students interested in work and health. Containing the latest research evidence, it will also offer valuable insights to human resource managers, organizational wellness managers and occupational health practitioners.

‘This volume brings together an impressive cast of contributors, international experts in the field, and provides much needed insights connecting work to health, delving into the evidence across countries, and occupations, inspiring empirically-based practice and public policy to improve worker health and well-being. (Un)Fortunately, due to the bad and good of work, it has never been more timely.’
– Maureen Dollard, University of South Australia

‘Well-being and stress have become a reality in our work lives. Burnout, job insecurity, and precarious employment lead to poor employee outcomes. Extraordinary leadership, gratitude, and psychological capital lead to positive well-being. This volume, written by leading scholars in the field, provides current and comprehensive research on the nature of stress and well-being in the contemporary workplace. It also covers topics on leadership interventions, new work hazards, psychologically healthy workplace practices, and mindfulness at work, with implications for managers and organizations.’
– Eddy Ng, Dalhousie University, Canada

Contributors: B.L. Ahrens, H.C. Atkinson, D.W. Ballard, R.J. Burke S. Clarke, J.P. Dahms, A. Day, J.L. Del Prado-Lu, J.K. Dimoff, K.J. Emich, P. Fairlie, M.J. Grawitch, S. Gregersen, J. Halbesleben, N. Hartling, E.K. Kelloway, D. Klotz, C. Korunka, B. Kubicek, M. Laflèche, A.D. LaMontagne, L.M. Lavaysse, W. Lewchuk, H. Lingard, A.J. Milner, K.A. Moore, V.J. Morganson, A. Nienhaus, K.M. Page, A. Pervez, T.M. Probst, N.J. Reavley, A.M. Richardsen, T.W. Taris, F. Teetzen, C.E. Thomson, M. Turner, S. Vincent-Höper, J. Weston, T.A. Wright, C.M. Youssef-Morgan.

Edited by Ronald J. Burke, Emeritus Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada and Kathryn M. Page, Honorary Fellow, Centre for Population Health Research, Deakin University, Australia.
Research Handbook on Work and Well-Being
Cdn: $351.00; US: $270.00
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