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The International Handbook of Political Ecology
by Raymond L. Bryant, editor
ISBN 9781786438430
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $91.00; US: $70.00
Language: English
720 pages
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The International Handbook of Political Ecology features chapters by leading scholars from around the world in a unique collection exploring the multi-disciplinary field of political ecology. This landmark volume canvasses key developments, topics, issues, debates and concepts showcasing how political ecologists today address pressing social and environmental concerns.

Introductory chapters provide an overview of political ecology and the Handbook. Remaining chapters examine five broad themes: issues and approaches; governance and power; knowledge and discourse; method and scale; and connections and transformations. The authors focus on an intrinsically international endeavour, considering both the topic and source of research, and integrate the approaches, debates, concepts and methods that define the field internationally. A combination of general reflection and case study research demonstrates both political ecology’s place in wider social science debates and trends, as well as how its concerns relate to diverse empirical problems and settings.

Across diverse topics and perspectives, these chapters amount to a wide-ranging survey of current research, making the International Handbook an indispensable reference for scholars and students in political ecology.

"This outstanding collection achieves, like no other book I know in any social science field, the elusive goal of crafting a vision that is genuinely transnational, inter-epistemic, and multidisciplinary. It is a powerful demonstration of why political ecology is such a vibrant, and likely the most relevant, field to enlighten us on how to transform the destructive pattern of a globalized civilization based on flawed models of economic growth and ecological modernization. With this Handbook, Raymond Bryant has accomplished a feat reserved to senior scholars with an untarnished reputation for work that is cutting edge and profoundly honest and ethical at the same time. Few scholars could have gathered such a diverse and impressive ensemble of prominent voices in the field. A great service to an academy that takes seriously the notion that knowledge should be placed at the service of life."
- Arturo Escobar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US

"A capacious, wide-ranging and state-of-the-art compendium, The International Handbook of Political Ecology offers a magnificent tour d'horizon of the field of political ecology drawing upon an impressive and thoroughly internationalised group of its most able practitioners. Any scholar interested in the origins of the field, its conceptual, methodological and theoretical toolkits, and future avenues of research will find the Handbook to be an indispensable text."
- Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley, US

"The International Handbook of Political Ecology is an impressive and scholarly collection. Its list of authors reads like a who's who of political ecology, and its theoretical and geographical scope (in both empirical focus and the origin of authors) provides a powerful synthesis of where political ecology has come from, what it offers to scholars, policy makers and activists, and why it is important."
- Bill Adams, University of Cambridge, UK

Contributors: A. Acharya, B. Agarwal, H. Alimonda, A. Asiyanbi, L. Baker, S. Barca, S. Batterbury, P. Blaikie, E. Bravo, R.L. Bryant, B. Büscher, G. Cederlöf, D. Chartier, C.A. Claus, L. Cortesi, A. Doolittle, M.R. Dove, W. Dressler, R. Fletcher, T. Forsyth, T.Á.M. Freitas, D. Gautier, B. Hautdidier, A. Hayes-Conroy, J. Hayes-Conroy, H. Healy, C. Hebdon, L. Jarosz, S. Joshi, G. Kallis, A.H. Kimura, T. Kizos, C.A. Kull, P. Le Billon, S. Lee, E. Leff, A. Loftus, J. Martinez-Alier, B.R. Middleton, M. Moreano, A.C. Salomão Mozine, J. Muldavin, S. Nair, H. Neo, R.P. Neumann, C. Noe, G.G. Núñez, Á. Paniagua, N.L. Peluso, C.P. Pow, M. Ramutsindela, H. Rangan, D. Rocheleau, E. Rodary, A. Salleh, F. Sultana, E. Swyngedouw, M.D. Turner, P. Vandergeest, T.-J. Wang, L. Xie, E.T. Yeh, A. Zhang, A. Zhouri, A. Zimmer.

Edited by Raymond L. Bryant, King’s College London, UK.
The International Handbook of Political Ecology
Cdn: $91.00; US: $70.00
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