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Europe’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood
An Integrated Geography

by Pierre Beckouche, editor
ISBN 9781786431486
Publication year: 2017

Cdn: $175.50; US: $135.00
Language: English
272 pages
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Illustrated with pioneering maps and country analyses by a network of researchers from across the Mediterranean, this book takes a territorial approach as a way toward a shared vision for a truly integrated Euro-Mediterranean region. At a time when the region is undergoing rapid change, the main goal of the book is to challenge misconceptions with common geographic data, on issues such as transport, energy, agriculture and water. The book suggests avenues for Europe to regain a part of the influence it has lost on its Mediterranean neighbourhood and policies common to Europe and its southern neighbours.

The wide range of geographic country analyses, from Morocco to Turkey and including the occupied Palestinian territory and Jordan, are complemented with new maps at the scale of the wider Euro-Mediterranean region. The contributions contend that cross-border cooperation, common transport networks and shared environmental management can foster partnership when diplomatic relations are stalling. The Gibraltar case study shows that while competition is rising between the two sides of the Strait their potential complementarity is also very high. The book calls for a Euro-Mediterranean local data collaborative platform to drive a common ‘Neighbourhoods Territorial Agenda’ for North–South shared vision and action.

This timely and enlightening book is essential reading for those studying regional, European, Mediterranean and Arab world issues. It will appeal to policy makers and actors involved in cross-border cooperation, territorial development, environment, cultural knowledge and networking.

‘This book is an authoritative and engaging account of contemporary Europe–Mediterranean relationships and prospects. Based on in-depth multinational knowledge by a key group of scholars and practitioners, its extraordinary framework of processed data in a comparative perspective and the accompanying maps provide a timely, lucid, theoretically and empirically well-informed argument that the Mediterranean area is a central place and not a periphery for Europe, and that its significance should be reformulated to enhance integration and prosperous stability. It demonstrates the extraordinary importance of spatial data achieved in a shared perspective and methodology – a pillar for all those concerned about policy making. The book can serve learning purposes in both upper university programs and specialistic training. Europe’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood definitely deserves a top place on the reading lists of anyone serious about understanding the future of Europe and the contemporary Mediterranean.’
– Maria Paradiso, University of Sannio, Italy and Chair of the International Geographical Union Commission ‘Mediterranean Basin’

Contributors include: M. Ababsa, P. Beckouche, N. Ben Cheikh, P. Besnard, Y. Cohen, G. Faour, J. Hilal, O. Isik, E. Larrea, J.-Y. Moisseron, Z. Ouadah-Bedidi, D. Pages El Karoui, H. Pecout, R. Tabib, A. Ulied, G. Van Hamme, I. Zboun.

Edited by Pierre Beckouche, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, International College of Territorial Sciences (CIST), France.
Europe’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood
Cdn: $175.50; US: $135.00
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