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Economic Analysis of Climate-Proofing Investment Projects
ISBN 9789292570774
Publication year: 2015

Cdn: $30.00; US: $23.00
Language: English
92 pages
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As ADB continues to support significant infrastructure investments in the region, it seeks to enhance the climate resilience of vulnerable sectors by “climate proofing” investments.

Climate change represents an increasing threat to the continued development of the people, preservation of ecosystems, and economic growth of Asia and the Pacific. Mainstreaming climate risk management in all aspects of development is thus key to an effective transition to climate-resilient development pathways. ADB’s climate risk management framework aims to reduce risks resulting from climate change to investment projects in Asia and the Pacific. A key step in this framework is the technical and economic valuation of climate-proofing measures.

This report describes the conduct of the cost-benefit analysis of climate proofing investment projects. An important message is that the presence of uncertainty about climate change does not invalidate the conduct of the economic analysis of investment projects, nor does it require a new type of economic analysis. However, the presence of uncertainty does require a different type of decision-making process in which technical and economic expertise combine to present decision makers with the best possible information on the economic efficiency of alternative designs of investment projects.
Economic Analysis of Climate-Proofing Investment Projects
Cdn: $30.00; US: $23.00
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