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Higher Education's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Building a more Sustainable and Democratic Future

by Sjur Bergan, Tony Gallagher, Ira Harkavy, Ronaldo Munck and Hilligje van’t Land, editors

Series:Council of Europe Higher Education Series No. 25
ISBN 9789287186973
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $87.00; US: $60.00
Language: English
330 pages
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A particularly timely book, given the high proportion of international students and staff in higher education.

Public health was the immediate concern when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in Asia, then in Europe and other parts of the world. The response of our education systems is no less vital. Higher education has played a major role in responding to the pandemic and it must help shape a better, more equitable and just post-Covid-19 world. This book explores the various responses of higher education to the pandemic across Europe and North America, with contributions also from Africa, Asia and South America. The contributors write from the perspective of higher education leaders with institutional responsibility, as well as from that of public authorities or specialists in specific aspects of higher education policy and practice. Some contributions analyse how specific higher education institutions reacted, while others reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on key issues such as internationalisation, finance, academic freedom and institutional autonomy, inclusion and equality and public responsibility.

The book describes the various ways in which higher education is facing the Covid-19 pandemic. It is designed to help universities, specifically their staff and students as well as their partners, contribute to a more sustainable and democratic future.

Table of contents:
  • A WORD FROM THE EDITORS AND A CALL TO ACTION - Sjur Bergan, Tony Gallagher, Ira Harkavy, Ronaldo Munck and Hilligje van't Land
    • Chapter 1 – Universities must help shape the post-Covid-19 world - Ira Harkavy, Sjur Bergan, Tony Gallagher and Hilligje van't Land
    • Chapter 2 – Higher education, civic engagement, Covid-19 and the "new normal" - Ronaldo Munck
    • Chapter 3 – The pre-Covid-19 world: race and inequity in higher education - Henry Louis Taylor, Jr
    • Chapter 4 – Some challenges facing higher education in Europe in view of the Covid-19 pandemic - Ellen Hazelkorn
    • Chapter 5 – Challenges to US higher education in performing local missions during and after the Covid-19 pandemic - David Maurrasse
    • Chapter 6 – Public responsibility for higher education in the time of Covid-19 - Sjur Bergan
    • Chapter 7 – Past, present, future: re-thinking the social responsibility of US higher education in light of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter - Ira Harkavy and Rita A. Hodges
    • Chapter 8 – Beyond a "new normal": Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and the remaking of higher education - Peter Englot and Nancy Cantor
    • Chapter 9 – University challenge – The role of research-intensive universities in crisis management - Åse Gornitzka and Svein Stølen
    • Chapter 10 – Maireann na daoine ar scath a chéile: Dublin City University, Covid-19 and the creation of the "next normal" - Daire Keogh
    • Chapter 11 – Public work and reclaiming the democratic impulse of higher education in these pandemic times - Paul C. Pribbenow
    • Chapter 12 – Higher education should embrace this liminal moment because there will be no "new normal" - James T. Harris and Nicholas R. Santilli
    • Chapter 13 – Covid-19 and "the crises in higher education" - Liviu Matei
    • Chapter 14 – Resilience and resistance: the community college in a pandemic - Brian Murphy
    • Chapter 15 – The University of Bologna during the Covid-19 pandemic: protect, provide and innovate – Responses from a resilient community - Elena Luppi, Elena Consolini, Alessandra Scagliarini, Mirko Degli Esposti and Francesco Ubertini
    • Chapter 16 – Re-thinking African higher education in the post-Covid-19 era - Barnabas Nawangwe
    • Chapter 17 – Leveraging the Covid-19 crisis to advance global sustainable universities: re-creation of valuable higher education - Kiyoshi Yamada and Koji Nakamura
    • Chapter 18 – Leadership and opportunities for sustainable higher education vis-à-vis the pandemic - Santiago Acosta
    • Chapter 19 – American higher education: rescuing democracy's purpose and policies - Martha J. Kanter and Carol Geary Schneider
    • Chapter 20 – Romanian higher education facing Covid-19: new challenges for the university–state partnership - Ligia Deca, Delia Gologan and Robert Santa
    • Chapter 21 – Academic freedom and institutional autonomy: victims of the Covid-19 pandemic? - Sjur Bergan
    • Chapter 22 – The impact of Covid-19 on internationalisation and student mobility: an opportunity for innovation and inclusion? - Dorothy Kelly
    • Chapter 23 – Internationalisation of higher education in a post-Covid-19 world: overcoming challenges and maximising opportunities - Hans de Wit and Giorgio Marinoni
    • Chapter 24 – Recognition of foreign qualifications in the time of Covid-19 - Stig Arne Skjerven
    • Chapter 25 – From fire-fighting to re-thinking external quality assurance: European quality assurance agencies' response to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic - Maria Kelo
    • Chapter 26 – Sustainable financing of higher education after the pandemic - Jamil Salmi
    • Chapter 27 – The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic for higher education legislation in Europe - Dennis Farrington
    • Chapter 28 – The challenges of the Covid-19 crisis for students - Robert Napier
    • Chapter 29 – Addressing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic: a view from higher education staff - Rob Copeland
    • Chapter 30 – Universities as catalysts of post-Covid recovery and renewal in communities - John Gardner
    • Chapter 31 – The local university mission after Covid-19: two Irish case studies - Tony Gallagher and Ronaldo Munck
Higher Education's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Cdn: $87.00; US: $60.00
Council of Europe BookID: 128210 Added: 2021.2.21