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Digital Labour Platforms and the Future of Work
by Janine Berg, Marianne Furrer, Ellie Harmon, Uma Rani and M. Six Silberman
ISBN 9789220310243
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $32.50; US: $25.00
Language: English
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The emergence of online digital labour platforms has been one of the major transformations in the world of work over the past decade.

This report provides one of the first comparative studies of working conditions on five major micro-task platforms that operate globally. It is based on an ILO survey covering 3,500 workers in 75 countries around the world and other qualitative surveys. The report analyses the working conditions on these micro-task platforms, including pay rates, work availability and intensity, social protection coverage and work–life balance.

The report recommends 18 principles for ensuring decent work on digital labour platforms.
Digital Labour Platforms and the Future of Work
Cdn: $32.50; US: $25.00
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