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Human Development Indices and Indicators
2018 Statistical Update
ISBN 9789211264371
Code: #E18IIIB3

Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $39.00; US: $30.00
Language: English
118 pages
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Human Development Indices and Indicators: 2018 Statistical Update is being released to ensure consistency in reporting on key human development indices and statistics. It provides a brief overview of the state of human development—snapshots of current conditions as well as long-term trends in human development indicators. It includes a full statistical annex of human development composite indices and indicators across their various dimensions. This update includes the 2017 values and ranking for the HDI and other composite indices as well as current statistics in key areas of human development for use by policymakers, researchers and others in their analytical, planning and policy work. In addition to the standard HDR tables, statistical dashboards are included to draw attention to the relationship between human well-being and five topics: quality of human development, life-course gender gaps, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability and socioeconomic sustainability. Accompanying the statistical annex is an overview of trends in human development, highlighting the considerable progress, but also the persistent deprivations and disparities.
Human Development Indices and Indicators
Cdn: $39.00; US: $30.00
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