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Higher Education for Diversity, Social Inclusion and Community
A Democratic Imperative

by Sjur Bergan and Ira Harkavy, editors

Series:Council of Europe Higher Education Series No. 22
ISBN 9789287185921
Publication year: 2018

Cdn: $39.00; US: $30.00
Language: English
256 pages
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How does the Council of Europe put into practice its commitment to the promotion of a culture of democracy through education?

Over the past decade or so, our societies have been facing increasing difficulties in reconciling acceptance of diversity and social inclusion with the need for community. The search for simple solutions to complex problems, the fact that “fake news” and “alternative facts” are no longer seen as nonsensical expressions, our responses to migration and the “refugee crisis”, and the growth of populism in many parts of Europe present challenges to our societies, and not least to education.

Authors from Europe, North America and South Africa outline how higher education could respond to these challenges. The first section makes a strong case for the continuing importance of higher education and research to modern society. The second focuses on higher education institutions and the need for inclusive and diverse campuses. The third section considers opportunities to improve the inclusion of refugees and immigrants in higher education. Whereas the focus in Europe is mostly on refugees, in the United States it is largely on immigrants, further accentuated by the debate on the Dreamers.
Higher Education for Diversity, Social Inclusion and Community
Cdn: $39.00; US: $30.00
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